Webinar Follow-Up: How Will You Make the Most of Your Time?

keep-calm-dream--large-msgOur free webinar, Managing Your Time During Your Day and Your Life, took place yesterday. During the webinar, I shared tips on how to better use the time during your day and how to find time in your life for your life-long dreams. (Miss the webinar? No worries? You can enjoy the archive here.)

So, I’d love to know: How will you make the most of your time? What will you stop doing during your day and what will you start? And, most important, what’s your dream? Please share in our comments section, below.

(And, our next webinar takes place in February. Register for “Telling Your Truth to Form Your Team” here.)

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I began working with family caregivers in 1990 and launched CareGiving.com in 1996 to help and support them. Through my blog, I share words of comfort and offer coping strategies and tips. I also write opinion pieces about recent research, community programs and media coverage of caregiving issues. I've written several caregiving books, including "The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey," "Take Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers" and "After Caregiving Ends, A Guide to Beginning Again." You can purchase my books and schedule a coaching call with me in our store.

6 thoughts on “Webinar Follow-Up: How Will You Make the Most of Your Time?

  1. Avatar of Sunshine=Sometimes

    Hi Denise,

    First of all? This was an outstanding webinar! Truly! Even if I could try to think of a way to make it better? I couldn’t and I know that might be hard to believe coming from me! :lol!
    My DREAM? –Actually I started doing it yesterday. I am trying to make as much as possible out of this site? AND? Spending quality communication time and TV enjoyment time as possible with Mom.

    We talked about going to my nephew’s college graduation in May 2013. And? We watched the tape we had of the PBS show of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year’s Show which we had since December 31, 2012. (Wonderful btw!)

    Then? Last night – and this might indeed be due to the “exercises” I am doing on the VRide? – also my goal this year to sleep better and exercise regularly? I slept once again a blissful 9 hours!

    YEAH! Cannot wait to hear from all my friends here! What is your DREAM? :)

  2. Avatar of DeniseDenise Post author

    Hi S=S–I’m so glad you enjoyed the webinar. You dream is terrific, especially because it’s about making the most of what you have. I love that!! It’s a very wise way to make the most of your time.

  3. Avatar of ejourneysejourneys

    Loved the webinar!
    Ever since I was a kid, my dream has always involved creative pursuits. I maintain those in one way or another and have made adjustments as a caregiver. I get periods of what I call inflow and outflow, and I’m currently in an inflow period: more reading, more absorption. I enjoy the (relatively) quiet time in my life now. Same dream, different facets. :-)

  4. Avatar of JaneJane

    Hi Denise:

    I also enjoyed the webinar very much. I have a tendency to deny, resist and I pretend by not realizing how serious Nicole’s illnesses are and that they are terminal and she won’t get better at least without a transplant.

    I feel like I’m losing my time because I goof off more than I should instead of doing what I know I need to do which then makes me feel bad about myself which brings the “why bother” attitude. .

    I guess when you asked what you longed for in your life… I thought about Marcia Ramsland at organizingpro.com who says just keep the clutter that works for you now. I pertained this to the question. It is to be a pharmacist and/or a herbalist/nutritional coach.

    Jane ~ mom to Nicole, 18 yo, VSD, PAH, PFO, Eisenmengers (dx 1/22/10) BHJS (dx 2/4/11)
    “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

  5. Avatar of @gail

    ejourneys? You are doing such a great job living your dream as Denise puts it! Keep at it girlfriend! :)

    Jane? Don’t ever lose sight of your dreams! You are living your dream while taking care of Nicole too! And I loved the quote from Marcia Ramsland! It applies to me too! :)


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