In Six Words, What’s Love?

V Day Card

V Day CardFor many years, I wore black and blue on Valentine’s Day in order to “reflect the state of my heart,” I would say.

I thought I was bruised. Now, I think I just didn’t understand love. Today, I think I got a little closer to understanding what it’s all about. Love is the Valentine’s Day card which arrives in the mail from my niece and nephews sent simply to “Aunt Denise” at my address. No last name. Just “Aunt Denise.” That’s love. No last name needed.

What’s love for you? Please share your definition below. And, for this definition, let’s use six words. Have fun!

(We’d love to include your definitions in our “Love,” our next book in our CareGifters series. If you would prefer that we don’t publish your definition, please let me know by sending me an email.)

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