Settling In Is Most Unsettling

handicapped-wheelchair-accessible-symbol-This mandatory relocation we ventured into is turning out to be a bigger nightmare than I possibly could have imagined. Yes, it’s good news we’re back in the house. We have been for going on four weeks. The contract we have calls for the house to be setup exactly as it was, including a huge awning and a shed.

The first week or so we busied ourselves unpacking and putting the house back in order. Since than we’ve called, texted and emailed local and corporate contacts to no avail. Daily my hubby fumes as wait. We have a bedroom stacked high with boxes and a POD in our drive–all the items that go in the shed aka Hubby’s workshop and on our patio. It just doesn’t seem to want to end. Hubby can’t work on any of his projects or even his computer. We need it finished so he can have some peace! Enough ramblings on that.

As I mentioned earlier, the move in date was nebulous so I thought we’d have time to find new doctors for my husband once we were sure of our new zip code. After his 911 visit to new ER on third day in the new city, I made it a priority to get a new primary.

After much research and recommendations, I was able to get a new patient appointment for him a week ago Wednesday. We arrived at the new doctors office on the second floor of a building with outdoor hallways. Not uncommon in Florida. But as I pushed him up the walkway to the door,  there in front is a step! I look around befuddled as to how I am going to get the chair inside. An office gentleman came out with a removable ramp. There was barely enough room for hubby to negotiate his way into the waiting area.

After our 45-minute wait, we are taken in to the doctor. She was not very pleasant and appeared almost overwhelmed as we went through his medical history. She did exam a wound we can’t get to heal on his calf and scheduled blood work and an appointment two weeks later. Hubby was not thrilled with her to say the least, but wanted to give her a chance.

Monday I get a call from the gentleman in the office. He proceeds to explain to me that he is not always there, most of the time it is a young girl. In spite of the fact that they are “wheelchair accessible,” he felt we’d be better off going to a doctor on the first floor!!!

End result, two weeks wasted on a new primary who already fired us. So this Wednesday we attempt a second new primary. In the meantime his old primary, instead of helping us through this time, has cancelled all outstanding prescriptions.

Insanity seems to prevail in these here parts.

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Feb 11, 2013

Dear sweet Pegi, Oh my gosh! How can things get worse? The will get better, my sweet friend! They will! Have faith okay? I shall pray and we all hope for the best of course!
Know that my thoughts are with you! {{HUGS}}

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Feb 11, 2013

Pegi, this is infuriating. I hope the prescriptions are renewed and filled soon — those cancellations seem on the cusp of negligence to me. And I hope first floor doctor is much better than second floor doctor and will not be overwhelmed! (Being fired by second floor doctor might be a blessing in disguise.) As for the local and corporate contacts, I hope your wheel is squeaky enough to get greased soon! (((Hugs)))

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Feb 11, 2013

Oh, Pegi, my heart is breaking. I’m so sorry! What an awful situation at the doctor’s office. What in the world are they thinking?

You will find a better doctor, one who understands the patient is the customer and who truly wants to see you both in a better place. And, pooh!, on the old doctor. What an idiot!!

It’s times like these that I wish we could just come to your house and talk this out over a cup of tea.

(BUT! When are you settled and when you feel up to it, we’d love to make a virtual visit to see you. This is an open invitation so when the time is right, just let us know. You just need a webcam; I can walk you through the rest. We’d LOVE to come and visit. :) )

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Feb 11, 2013

I am so sorry to hear what you have been going through. Rotten. Is there someone who can at least come and things up so that he can work at his computer? As I’ve said I’m new, so I don’t know why you were out of the house or why there are boxes. But the timing sure seems awful.