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movie_cameraThis morning, during our Caring for Parents chat, @michellem shared a video she created with her mom and about caring for her father.

It’s beautiful and I thought you’d all enjoy watching. And, feel free create your own video which tells your story. When you do, let me know and I’ll share it on

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    Oh, we didn’t make it! One of the girls doing research at UPenn actually made it, we were just who just the family she chose!

  2. Dear Michelle,
    You have made such an inspirational video here! You touch my heartstrings about your Dad. I hope being with him helps you stay in contact with your history with him.
    I am so impressed with this video-portrait!
    God bless you and your Mom as you go through this difficult journey with him.

  3. AH, Michelle? it doesn’t matter that you didn’t make it! I was still so moved and touched by it! It is an awesome tribute! {{HUGS}}

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    What a wonderful story! I am so sorry that you have to go through this with your dad. What a wonderful daughter you are to help your mom and your dad.

    It is truly heart-wrenching to watch your loved one get worse and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    I hope that there is a cure soon.

    Jane ~ mom to Nicole, 18 yo, VSD, PFO, ES, PAH (dx 1/22/10) BHJS (2/4/11)
    “You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you seem.”

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    Michelle, this video brought tears to my eyes for several reasons. Bless you and your mom for all of your love and care.

    My partner has MS that acts like traumatic brain injury plus schizo-affective features. Due to the damage in her prefrontal cortex, there’s no way to tell where her MS ends and her mental illness begins.

    Seeing what you and your mom deal with, especially given the lack of resources for these kinds of disorders, helps give me strength. Thank you so much, and the student at UPenn, for putting this video together. (((Hugs)))

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    I am so happy you allowed this to be filmed and shared.
    What a powerful and very moving video.
    I hope that through it you are able to reach many that will want and try to learn about FTD.
    My husband has Lewy Body Dementia so I understand.

    What a blessing you are to your Mom and Dad.



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