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VRide For Caregivers Health: Update Week 3

IMG_1699We are now moving into week three of our VRide to promote Caregivers Health. This week I logged just over 40 miles on the stationary bike and 10 miles on foot.

While I did not expect to lose as much weight as I did in week 2, I am down one pound from last week. I thing that is an accomplishment considering we went to a Mardi Gras Party on Saturday Night. I will admit that I cheated just a bit at the party. But, hey, you can’t diet all the time!


Happy Mardi Gras Everyone…

We Might Have Cancer…


…But Cancer Does Not Have US!



  1. Chris, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I am so impressed! I would never take a picture of my weight while standing on a scale! Bravo to you for the exercise, the weight loss, and for enjoying the party!

    • Hi, G-J…
      Thanks for your kind words and encouragement…We are all in this together
      While we enjoyed the party, we were completely out of our element. But it was fun to be included! :)
      As for the scale, the number don’t lie…but maybe the floor is uneven? :)

  2. Terrific job, Chris! You two look adorable. :D And you look slimmer to me!
    Yesterday’s MS support group meeting was a bit of a party (celebrating their sixth year). I had a brownie without guilt — logged it along with everything else — and the only reason I didn’t have ice cream was because the weather was c-c-c-cold! :-) The bottom line is that we’re eating healthily and sustainably!

    • I am amazed at how little I am eating. I am not eating out of stress or frustration. I am thinking that the weight will start falling off in the months ahead. I appreciate you quite a bit!

  3. Great job, Chris and your partner! I can’t even think about parties! I am a bed at 9pm girlfriend! :) Silly eh?
    So glad you lost some weight. I’m still afraid to step onto my scale. I gained so much at the holidays I was over to begin with!!! UGH! :)
    You keep at it, Chris! You should be proud of yourself!

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