What Will You Receive Today?

pennies_in_jar_smallYesterday on Your Caregiving Journey, Ellen Rogin, our wealthness expert, joined us for our monthly discussion. Yesterday, we focused on being aware of what we can receive.

Ellen shared a story from one of her clients: Her client decided to save money she found (like pennies on the sidewalk) over a period of a year in an envelope. At the end of the year, the envelope contained (drum roll…) $700.

Our day gives us gifts to receive every day. Sometimes, we just have to look. So, today, what gift will you receive?

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    @Denise, whenever I hear (a.k.a. read!) praise from @ejourneys about my VRide progress, or some kind of praise or positive input from someone on this website? I just glow! I actually feel like I am flying above the ground like a kite – a really colorful one – high above me on the white sandy beaches of a pristine blue waterside. I love it! Thank you all! Thank you all! Thank you all! I remember when @Trish especially said something nice to me too when I first came here and @Jane! I loved it! And then @Bob! And I guess I have too many to thank to go on!!! :)
    Anyway? Thank you all! I love it here and hopefully I shall always be welcomed as much as I feel right now! :)
    God bless you! {{HUGS}}

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    I really love this idea. Living on a tight budget has forced us to be much more creative in developing ways to save and economize.. A friend calls this “growing Poverty Skills'”. I’ve had some pretty good success with a habit I call ‘capture’. The way it works is like this. When ever I go out, for any reason, I leave the house with cash. When I return home I ‘capture’ all the one dollar bills and change from my pockets. The one dollar bills go into an antique soup tureen and the change is tossed into big glass jars. This ‘spare’ change, captured until needed, has saved our fanny’s many, many times. It also allows us to do ‘extravagant’ things for each other that we would not ordinarily be able to afford… vacations, a kayak, a Softub,,, well, you get the idea. It’s a very efficient and ‘painless’ way to save. We call it our captured funds our “Magic Money.”.

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    @Janisis? Your “Magic Money” is so much like Ellen Rugin’s Visionary Goals of Saving etc. I am in the midst of reading her book and it is great for those types of things. How to save and like you say? It really adds up! Her blogtalkradios on caregiving.com and her book are inspirations to me to save up my money and also to give to causes which mean so much to me!

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    I have been taking advantage of the good weather here by having what I call my porch read. I take my folding chair, lap desk, journal notebook and pen, eReader, and thermos of coffee, and I usually spend about an hour outside — reading, writing, and taking time to listen to and watch the birds. It’s a rejuvenating meditation and a wonderful gift.


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