Who We Are!

office_school_paper_pencilAre you a caregiver for a loved one (caree) with something that falls under the dementia umbrella, whether it’s MCI, Alzheimer’s, LBD, FTD, or some other strange set of initials? Each one of our carees has a rich, incredible history with a story to be shared.

I’m interested in knowing if you’d like to write their story and together we will publish all the stories in an e-book, self-published book, or both. You choose what part of their story to tell. It could be about their childhood, your courtship, their career, or any other story you decide to share.

Proceeds from the sale of the book could be donated to an organization or organizations voted on by the contributors.

I don’t have any timing in mind yet for this, but would like to know if you are interested in participating and sharing your loved one’s story.  I sent out an e-mail about this yesterday, and so far have heard back from five people who want to participate!

Won’t you join us? :)

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