Enter the Easter Bunny

Easter_bunny_painting_eggsFirst published February 28, 2012 on facingcancer.ca

February is almost behind us and Gabriel is beginning to actively seek out the lair of the Easter Bunny.  At Fortino’s  yesterday he spied a chocolate Spider Man just slightly larger than his head.  He’s pretty much convinced that the bunny will bring that hopping to our house.

What we’re hoping for, in terms of early Easter, is a better run of health for Katie.  Yesterday marked the halfway point in her chemo treatment.  The regimen of drugs for the second course of treatment is different and is, purportedly, less likely to induce nausea.  That will only be a good thing as Katie’s experience during the  past two months has unfortunately revolved around an ever descending cycle of sickness.  Although she is most certainly feisty she’s also just a little sprite right now and the experience she’s had would have taken down a much stouter soul.

Some of you will know that we spent a fun-filled 7-hours in E.R. the day before Family Day.  Kate’s temperature had spiked at 38.5 and with an inefficient immune system that can be a sign of infection.  Oddly, the moment we entered E.R. the temp fell to normal range however they did an extensive battery of blood work, throat and nose swabs, urinalysis, and chest x-ray to make sure there weren’t nasties hiding somewhere waiting to strike.

No infection.  Good thing.

No flu.  Another good thing.

Precautionary prescription of Tamiflu.  Not a good thing.  This drug managed to refresh Katie’s nausea just as it was beginning to subside so we (yes, after medical consultation) binned the remainder of the treatment and she began to recover.  Finally, Sunday, she started to feel closer to normal.  Just in time for our triumphant return to Credit Valley Hospital for more chemo.

Timing, as Billy Crystal proved at the Academy Awards the other night, is everything.

Her regular oncologist and nurse are on vacation so the new consulting physician, upon hearing of her experience decided to issue very firm Doctor’s orders, apparently the only thing that Katie really responds to;-) – her chemo dosage would be reduced by 15%.  He made it very clear that this would have no impact whatsoever on the efficacy of the treatment but that it might well produce a better result on the nausea front.

While it is too soon to tell, Katie is hopeful that this will be the case.

That about brings you up to speed.  Friends and family continue to provide stupendous support to us.  Andy and Lisa delivered, according to Katie, “the world’s best chicken soup”.  I can’t attest to the evaluation as I didn’t even get within sniffing distance of it!  Cindy and Lloyd also have been preparing meals for us and Cindy has even enlisted her sister Stacey to assist.  We also were the very grateful recipients of some wonderful meals courtesy of Frau McCaffery (who ensured a permanent spot in the hearts of our boys with a couple of awesomely tasty chocolate cupcakes).  Then we also received very thoughtful gifts and thoughts from Kate’s Aunt Patty and….well, the list just goes on and on.  We also know that the good vibes, emails, calls and cards you’ve been sending are really helpful and we are continuously grateful to you all.

I’ll try not to leave it so long next time before advising you of what’s happening but I would also direct you to www.facingcancer/ridingshotgun where I try to write at least a weekly blog recording some of the tales of this trek.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for that Bunny.  Gabe is determined to find out where it lives and learn from Grandpa how to set an effective, albeit humane, snare!

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