How Do You Help Your Children Tell Their Caregiving Story?

sandwich.svg.medToday, on Your Caregiving Journey, @G-J joined me for our monthly Sandwich Shop show to discuss issues for those raising children as they care for family members. You can listen to our show via the player, below.

During our show, we talked about children’s need for comfort and routine. A routine–like dinner at night with the family–also provides them an opportunity to talk out their thoughts and worries.

@G-J shared that her son, Robert, doesn’t talk about their caregiving situation with his friends. He offers a simple explanation about Steve’s flexible schedule: “My dad is retired.”

How do your children tell their friends or other family members about your caregiving situation? What help did you offer to them so they could find their words? Please share your experiences in our comments section, below.


–The New York Times published a helpful article last week, Exercise May Help Protect Children from Stress.

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