Mayhem to Magic, We Had a Week!

Christmas in MarchWe had a whole week. We didn’t worry about the doctors, the rehab, the aches and pains.  We had a week where Hubby and I were happy, normal. Fun. Laughter. Family.

My son, his wife and our granddaughter arrived and our home was full of joy and activity again. No worries about the medical appointments to come. No thoughts of the house still waiting to be settled. Family time. The Christmas tree is up. We’ve waited a long time for this.

Our granddaughter walks into the living room and sees the presents. She looks under the tree.  Carefully, she checks. Yep, it’s all here. She passes out the gifts; making sure that everyone has something. Then back to the task of the stack with her name.

Grampa gives instructions on the fine art of jumping rope. Granddaughter giggles and tries again. She stands and watches attentively, squirming her long legs around each other, leaning on the arm of Grampa’s wheelchair while he fixes yet another toy. She is amazed! She gives no notice to the chair; it’s still Grampa after all. Could he have gotten taller sitting down? Hmmm.

Gramma and her go to get their nails done. A secret outing; just we two. We eat frozen yogurt for lunch! We go to the playground, the little one runs and throw her arms around Grammy’s waist. Sigh. I needed that. We watch our shows. Hugs to Grampa and off to bed; as Grammy puts the little one into bed, she gently tucks Grammy’s hair behind her ear.  “That’s better, now it won’t fall in your eyes,” Grammy’s heart is filled with love.

Trips to the beach. Play in the dolphin pool. Grampa cooks out on the grill. Out to dinner. We play.  We talk. We enjoy each other’s company. Big strong hugs and lectures to take care of myself from my son, and woman-to-woman conversations with my precious daughter-in-law.

For the first time in nearly a year, Hubby and I are relaxed, refreshed, and replenished. We are reminded, although it’s just we two here, we are not alone. We have a wonderful, loving, caring family. We’re ready to face the coming weeks with new determination, fresh hope, and the promise of rejuvenation and new life that spring always brings.

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7 Comments on "Mayhem to Magic, We Had a Week!"

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Mar 22, 2013

Ah, Pegi, it looks like a truly magical time that will last in your heart for a very long time.

So happy for you!!

Profile photo of Trish
Mar 22, 2013

Oh, Pegi! This is so wonderful!! I can feel your love and joy in this post. It’s also apparent your heart is much lighter and you needed this. You have a delightful family!

Profile photo of Cathy
Mar 22, 2013

Sorry I have been absent. It isn’t for lack of caring. Pegi this brought tears of joy to my eyes. What a very special time. So happy for you and your husband.

Profile photo of Busybee
Mar 22, 2013

I am so glad to hear such great good news. You will have memories that will last forever. What great picture too.

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Mar 23, 2013

Hello Pegi, I’m new here. Your story made me cry as well. I’m also a grammy and my husband is in a wheelchair. You are so very right that after everyone goes home and it’s just the two of us again we know we are not alone !

Best wishes, Annie :-)