ripplesWhen caregiving came, it left in its wake a collection of victims. Your caree is a victim to a disease process; you’re a victim to the situation. You’re both victims to the health care system.

Or so it feels.

Until the fighter in you wakes.

Your fighter may wake because, well, you’re tired of the sleepless nights. Your fighter may wake because you decide you and your caree deserve better. Your fighter may wake because you realize time doesn’t wait for you to figure this out.

Whatever the reason, you’re up, you’re ready.

And, now, because you take charge, because you take command, you create a wake that leaves behind your powerlessness, your submissiveness and your self-pity.

When your fighter wakes, you assert your needs, you set standards for the care your caree receives, you accept no less than what you deserve.

Caregiving can seem like it wins because it takes. You win when you decide you can take.

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