We Break for Spring: How Will You Play Today?

flower3It’s spring but if feels like winter. Well, at least here in Chicago. We may get some snow today.

So, let’s beat Mother Nature at her own game and decide to create our own spring break. Each day this week I’ll post a question to you which encourages you to take a break, even if for five minutes.

Today’s question is: How will you play today?

You can play an instrument, play a board game, play cards, play tag or play a favorite song. You can play along with today’s Caregiving Quiz Show.

Or, maybe you’ll take a playful attitude.

You can play for a minute or two hours; it’s not about the time but about the doing.

So, how will you play today? Share in our comments section to inspire others to stop for a moment to have some fun.

How will you play?

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5 Comments on "We Break for Spring: How Will You Play Today?"

Profile photo of Jane
Mar 24, 2013

I will be playing in the Caregiving.com Quiz Show this afternoon. I am a little nervous just like I was last time I did it but more so now because you will be able to see me instead of just hear me.

Jane ~ mom to Nicole 18 yo
VSD: ventricular septal defect
PFO: patent foramen ovale
ES: eisenmengers syndrome
PAH: pulmonary arterial hypertension
BHJS: benign hypermobility joint syndrome
“You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

Profile photo of Richard
Mar 24, 2013

I will also be playing in the Caregiving Quiz Show as the Score keeper and will be bringing all the new sound effects to help keep the players on their toes. I will also be playing the game of relaxation. I plan for today to be full of nothing but relaxation, we are returning from a conference Trish (wife) had in Napa, Ca. yesterday, had a great dinner with good friends and a relaxing evening. I hope everyone can fine some way to add 5-10 minutes of relaxation to your day today, you’ll be surprised how it will make you feel.

Profile photo of ejourneys
Mar 24, 2013

Quiz Show! 😀

Normally I would sit outside and watch the birds and squirrels play, but it’s plenty windy out there. So I’ll stay indoors, “camp out” on my reading couch, and write in my journal. I delivered a job yesterday, so today is Play Day!

Profile photo of EllysGdaughter
Mar 24, 2013

Today our family lunch group played cards while Elly read/napped! My Spring Break from work starts tomorrow for the whole week!

Profile photo of Pegi
Mar 25, 2013

A day late, but a big adventure. After preaching to the sisters to make sure they take time for themselves with our Mother. I have rarely done so for myself. Today, after taking Hubby for lab work, grocery shopping, I dropped him off at home. I had promised my son, weather permitting at least three times a week I would take an hour for myself. He requested a physical and mental break.
I got back into my car, drove to the ocean, and walked the beach. It was wonderful. Then I texted my son to tell him!