What’s Your Color Today?

vote02How are you feeling today? We’d love to know; just complete our poll, below. And, if you’d like, share how you’re feeling (and why) in our comments section. (If you choose “Other” in our poll, please write in your own answer in the blank field.)

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  1. Profile photo of ejourneys

    I clicked on Other (“Green, in nature”), having spent a quiet, peaceful day, thankful for that and for warmth. I had a chance to sit on the porch and read, write, and watch the birds. It was definitely a breather of a day, and I enjoyed the chance to just Be.

  2. Profile photo of Chris

    While Purple is my favorite color, I clicked on yellow becasue I am feeling ‘Sunny’. Things are good and I owe quite a bit of that to my friends on Caregiving.com


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