When Life Happens, Continue

holding_handsThis morning, Michelle, who cared for her parents, joined me for Table Talk on Your Caregiving Journey. You can listen to the show via the player, below.

I sat next to Michelle in January at a mutual friend’s baby shower. Michelle mentioned going with her parents to doctors’ appointments, which of course raised my antennas. I told her what I do, she told me what she did (care for her parents until their deaths in 2011) and before we knew it, I booked her for an appearance on the talk show.

Michelle’s mother suffered a stroke the summer before Michelle’s senior year of high school. The youngest of five, Michelle was the only child at home when her mom had her stroke. Michelle shared that her father became her role model, showing her to accept life’s changes with compassion. Before heading to her Homecoming dance, Michelle and her date stopped by to see her mom in the rehab facility where she recovered from her stroke.

At the end of our show, I asked Michelle if she struggled with moving forward with her life after college or she felt she must stay home to help care for her mom. At one point, Michelle said she spoke with her older brother, who told her she must continue to live her life. After she married, she and her husband put off starting their family for a short time. She’s grateful she started her family when she did because both parents died soon after the birth of her daughter. If she had waited or delayed her decision, her parents would have never met her daughter.

We really only skimmed the surface of Michelle’s story so she’ll join me for another show on Saturday, May 25, at 10 a.m. ET.

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