Happiness Project: April Action

Harlow's Farm Stand in Westminster, Vermont.

Harlow’s Farm Stand in Westminster, Vermont.

This month, for our Caregiving Happiness Project, let’s stand.

We may feel like we sit too much–either in our chair during the day or in our life with a tongue tied.

For me, I’m going to take a stand about my priorities and what I value.

This month, how will you stand?

Please share your goals about standing in our comments section, below. And, keep us posted throughout the month in our Happiness Project group.

(Would you like to join our Happiness Project, now in its third year? We’d love to have you! Just complete this quick survey and then join our group here. You’ll receive emails from me every month with our new word.)

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2 thoughts on “Happiness Project: April Action

  1. Avatar of RichardRichard

    Happiness, what a great subject. Recently a family friend gave us some great home made plum jam and oh my the taste difference compared to commercial jam, night and day. So I figured now that we’ve moved Robert in I decided to take a dip into home canning as a cost savings and a relaxation technique for me. In the past week I started with 4 pints of pickled asparagus, then 5 pints of mixed berry jam and just today I made 3.5 pints of pasta sauce. What next? Trish wants fresh strawberry jam, me more pickled asparagus, salsa, apricot jam (when the tree produces them), numerous veggies when we can get to a farmers market on one of the next few weekends. I wouldn’t mind trying to make my own spicy carmel sauce. So much to can and not enough cans or time to do it, but I will do what I can. This I vow!!


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