In Six Words: What’s Receiving?


afterglow-3639_640Over the past few days, we’ve had great discussions about receiving.

Last Saturday, Cheryl had an ah-ha moment about asking for help (in essence, receiving help) during Table Talk (Give It Up and Start Living Life!!). On Tuesday, Don shared on Your Caregiving Journey (Minding Our Caregiving Matters) that he began his blog with the hope of encouraging other men to feel more comfortable asking for help during a vulnerable time, like caregiving. And, then, today, Ellen and I had a terrific talk about giving and receiving (When Giving Without Receiving Becomes Taking).

All this talk has me thinking more about receiving.

So, in the six-word story, let’s describe receiving. How does it feel when you receive help or support or understanding?

Here’s mine:

It’s letting out a long-held breath.

It calms just like ocean waves.

What’s yours? Share your six-word stories about how it feels to receive in our comments section, below.

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