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YesAs most of you know, this week Robert (Brother-in-Law) has been in the hospital, for the most of it in MICU  ICU.  Since he went in my mom, who has a special relationship with Robert and who he calls Grandma, has wanted to go in and visit him. But because of where he was she couldn’t until yesterday.

Knowing my mom, I told @Trish to watch, she will bring in a big balloon for him. So we set up a time for yesterday to meet and, shocking, she tells me that she doesn’t think she can walk that far and asks if I can bring our travel wheelchair. I was stunned, didn’t say anything to that fact but. OMG!!

So we get up to see Robert and they click as usual, no balloon but a Chinese Good Luck plant and card.  We stayed for three to four hours and had a great time. It nice to see her get out and for him to have visitors other than just me and Trish.

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      Well, so far all we know is that the spinal tap came back negative for meningitis, all other blood work seems to be normal, the sky is blue. sand is tan (usually) and that they are playing musical beds with Robert. OK, so he started out on floor 6 in MCIU (Fri-Sat), then moved to floor 6 in ICU (Sun-Tue), floor 4 in Pre-Floor?? (Tue-Wed) then they moved him to floor 4 in internal medicine (Wed-Thur). Other than that Robert is very tired and does not have his normal appetite of “Put it in front of me and I will eat it, every last piece of rice.” But at least their keeping him in the hospital and trying to find out what’s causing this, again.

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    Robert was very happy to see Richard’s mom. Robert always lights up when he sees Richard too. They both like to laugh and goof on one another so Richard makes Robert laugh.

    @G-J, Robert is still in the hospital but in a regular room. He’s actually in his 3rd room since he was let out of ICU! He’s still very congested but his white blood count is normal as is the BP and temp. He’s very weak and sleepy but it’s hard to say if it’s the illness or because no one can sleep in the hospital!

    Richard – this was a wonderful post and your visit with your mom was much appreciated. I love how your mom has taken to Robert. <3

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    I am so happy to know that Robert is doing better. No one ever visits my husband but the last surgery, my brother and his wife came with our nephew and Marc perked up for those hours they were there. Now, we just have to get Robert home, where he can relax. I know my husband hates being in the hospital. He says, “They think it’s a vacation for us but I sleep less there with everyone bothering me every two minutes.” Hoping he feels better soon :)

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      Cassandra sounds familiar when my mom was in for her surgeries she said she would just fall asleep and someone would walk in for vitals, blood work, visit another patient in the room, etc. and her sleep patterns were way off. She had so many people visiting her the staff was having problems keeping everyone and their relationship straight, OK, your the brother to her sister’s daughters, cousin (not a real person, I hope). Robert has had myself and Trish of course and them my mom and Rachel, our oldest daughter and every time someone walks in you can see Roberts eyes open wider and he gets that little grin that only Robert can get. A visitor no matter who helps. Thank you for your kind words and hopefully they both will be able to come home soon.

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    A merry heart does good like medicine.
    It’s so sweet that your mom and Robert have such a wonderful relationship. I’m sure the visit did them both good :)


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