VRide Update: Join Our Cross-Country Trip

bikes-6895_640On January 18, we began our Community Caregiving VRide, which is about getting fit, staying motivated and making virtual visits to other family caregivers. We’ve tallied miles for our virtual VRide by walking, riding, climbing, shoveling (which I hope is now over), cleaning and jogging. As we rack up the miles, we hit the virtual highway to make our virtual visits. So far, we’ve made it to Orlando to see @jbones1961, to Atlanta to see @roaringmouse and Little Rock to see @kathy.

We’ve worked up enough miles to head across the country to the West Coast, which means we’d love to visit you along the way. If you live in the South, Midwest or West and would like a virtual visit, just send me an email or a private message through the site.

We’d also love for you to join in our VRide. How, you probably think, can I participate in something that seems to require lots of time and time out of the house? This is the beauty of the VRide; you create a work-out plan (walk, jog, bike ride, ride a stationary bike, walk up and down your stairs, clean, garden) in and around your house and follow along our journey. It doesn’t matter what you do–it only matters that you join with us every day to enjoy a physical activity. And, together, we’re moving to visit a family caregiver.

Keep track of your activity and then post about it in our VRide group. We’re combining our activity, which become our virtual miles we use to travel to make our virtual visits. We’ll add events to our group’s calendar when we know the dates of a virtual caregiving visit. You can blog about your VRide here, too. (To join our group and blog, you must be a member of Caregiving.com. It’s easy and free to join; just go here.)

Looking forward to hitting the highway with you.

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One thought on “VRide Update: Join Our Cross-Country Trip

  1. Avatar of RichardRichard

    Activities can also include, gardening, going to the store or mall, walking the dog(or iguana’s), cleaning the house, anything and everything that involves moving your body. Get your caree involved and fet them some exercise even if its only a slow walk, its walking. Put on a pedometer or add an app to your smartphone that tracks your steps. You would be surprised how far you walk in a day in non-gym related exercise’s. I average 3-5 miles with out my walking regimen. If I can do it with chronic pain, helping my mom with her medical issues and me and my wife caring for my brother in law with epilepsy you can do it also. Plus during our visits you get to match a live person to the posts you read not just another string of font. Move It.
    Move It, Move It.


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