What Questions Do You Have About Prescription Drugs?

SI ExifA caregiving house contains supplies, equipment and medications. Medications can be life-savers for your caree but can hold potential danger in the wrong hands–prescription drugs are the most commonly abused drugs among 12- to 13-year olds.

To reduce the risk of prescription drug abuse, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration will sponsor its sixth National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day on April 27. If you have any unused prescription drugs in your home, you can drop them off at the designated collection site in your community on April 27. The DEA coordinates with the local law enforcement and community partners to provide thousands of sites across the country, many of them at police departments, so that unwanted drugs can be disposed of safely and legally. Sites will accept both prescription and nonprescription pills for disposal.

In honor of DEA Take-Back Day and drug disposal awareness, Dr. Catizone, Executive Director of National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Foundation and a licensed pharmacist, will answer your questions about what this day means, ways to protect your family members from abuse, and the dangers of taking drugs not prescribed to you.

Please share your questions for Dr. Catizone in our comments section, below. I’ll forward to him and post his answers in a future article.

To find out more about National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, please visit www.AWARERX.ORG.

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