Full Moon

UnknownIt was obvious that there was a full moon recently.  There has been a slight change in things, but I don’t know if it’s temporary or permanent, which adds to the challenge.

Saturday morning the three of us were talking. Our son said something and repeated it and Steve still didn’t seem to hear it so I said it louder. Steve told me not to yell, and said that if I don’t want to answer his questions, I should tell him to shut up. Yikes! I started treading, and speaking much more carefully and thoughtfully.

Sunday I was looking back over the prior few days. It struck me that maybe part of the problem on Thursday had been that Steve’s schedule had been busy on Thursday. He had a final in his class followed by an exercise class, followed by the dentist. Later Sunday, Steve came to me and said he thought that his schedule had been too busy on Thursday and had caused him problems. Ah ha!

Our front yard has a large section and a small section. The small section is primarily a flower bed, with a little bit of grass. In the little bit of grass, there is a purple flower that pops up each year. It must be some type of bulb, but I don’t know what it is. Last year I accidentally decapitated it with the edger. That’s probably why Steve resumed the yard work. Steve really likes this little flower and nurtures it so it will bloom.

On Sunday, Steve was taking a nap. While I was in the house, I looked out the front window and our neighbor was with her dog and two friends. They walked over to the small area of grass, she bent down, broke the plant off and tossed it into the flower bed! I was flabbergasted! I frankly didn’t know what to do, so I waited. I hoped I was wrong and that wasn’t what happened. After they left, I went outside, and sure enough, she’d broken off the plant!

The neighbor’s granddaughter, who lives  with her, was crossing the street, so I called her over and asked her to tell her grandmother that I needed to talk to her. Honestly, because things had been odd with Steve, I was very shaken up and worried about how he was going to take this news. The young woman came back and said her grandmother was busy with the guests, so I explained what happened. The neighbor then came over, apologized, and said she was so sorry but they were going to take a picture of her dog and she thought it was a weed that was in the way so she took it out. She took the removed plant and said she’s take it to the nursery and get us another one. It’s now Wednesday and she hasn’t been back since.

Fortunately, Steve took it really well, although we agree it was really strange. I’m blaming the full moon.

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6 Comments on "Full Moon"

Jimmy V
May 30, 2013

As your son Robert would say: Wait…What? Why didn’t they just take the picture somewhere else? You handled this with truly admirable restraint. Maintain, maintain, maintain.

Profile photo of Denise
May 30, 2013

I’m flabbergasted. My open is still wide open. Your neighbor! I can’t even imagine!! What in the world…

I’m glad you received an “ah-ha!” about the schedule. The schedules are a work in progress–he wants to be busy and yet he needs down time (just like all of us).

Have you figured out how to figure out the schedules?

Profile photo of MissAngie
May 30, 2013


I can’t believe that your neighbor did that. That is the strangest thing ever.

I agree with Denise. My schedule was getting too crazy as well.We have to learn that we need to also have ME time or we turn into Oscar the Grouch. I actually took today off from work because my head was spinning thinking of everything I have to do before I even get to work.

I am sitting down later this afternoon with the family to explain things they HAVE to do and things we need to cut out that are not important in our schedules.

Profile photo of Pegi
May 30, 2013

Unbelievagle! Sounds nuts a neighbor would take such liberties. I agree with Jimmy V, you handled it so well. It’s tricky business trying to keep track of what may upset or what does upset our carees. Good for you for recognizing the overload on his schedule. Every little bit feels like a major accomplisment..congrats.

Profile photo of Trish
May 30, 2013

Holy cow! I read this earlier today and can say I am still stunned. There’s so much wrong with that “picture!” Why do a photo op on your lawn? Why cut a flower that doesn’t belong to them? I just really can’t believe the nerve of people. Anyway . . . I think it’s great that Steve recognized his schedule was affecting him. Of course, it’s not surprising that you recognized that first (that’s the way it is around here too).

Still shaking my head about your neighbor. . .