“Patient Whiz” App Review

patientwhizMy review of the newest app, “Patient Whiz.”

Happy Memorial Day. I hope everyone is have a wonderful and safe day.

Denise at Caregiving.com asked me to review the app, “Patient Whiz.” In past blogs, radio shows, Google Hangout, email and so forth you have heard me mention that one of the best pieces of medical information you can take to your appointments is a binder with all your caree’s medical history, medications, etc in it. I still suggest that highly.

It just so happens that my thoughts of saving all of that information to a flash drive and carrying that around has been taken to the next level by a company that now offers the app called “Patient Whiz (PW). PW takes the binder idea to a whole new level and puts it all “AND MORE” in a device you don’t leave home without–your smartphone.

The app allows you to enter not only general information but historical, gives option to scan (photograph with your phone) old or new documents and store them within the app, enter medications along with dosages and due times, signs and symptoms, gives you logs for BP, cholesterol, blood sugar, exposures, exercise and weight logs. The app provide links to major medical, health and drug related sites.

I must say that, at the start, it may take you awhile to enter all of your caree’s information. But once you’re done, everything you need and all future medication changes, discharge findings, new information that needs to be entered is just a click away. Instead of carrying in a 3-in. binder weighing in at around two to three pounds along with pushing the wheelchair and carrying a 30 oz. black ice tea with no ice, no sweetener to simply having your smartphone in your pocket or purse, well you do the figuring.

One less thing to stress over makes it one step closer to a great day.

Great app, I am using it (still entering data) and will soon be entering my own data, not just mom’s, so if anything should happen to me Trish has all my information right in hand.

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My name is Richard (@kreisr1), I am a Tri-Fecta caregiver, for my mother who has COPD among other health issues. I co-care for my brother in-law who has epilepsy and co-care with my wife's for myself, I deal with Chronic Back Pain.entire life and now after living alone, in a care facility and a group home setting we had to move him in with us to provide him with the care he needs.  Finally, with my wife who is also my co-caregiver I care for myself, I have had chronic pain (mid-low back) for 21-1/2 years thanks to a drunk driver.  I write my own blog, pickyourpain.org where I share my pain with humor, as I see thing, "Pain Without Humor is Just Painful."  I am involved with caregiving.com in several ways, as well as participating in several of the weekly caregiving.com blogs, I also am involved in their Twitter chats, I also host the following groups, SPOT (Stamp Procrastination Out Today), A Task A Day, The Men's Group, Healthy Caregiver and several others.  I am also the moderator for the Caregiving.com Quiz Show and have a seat on the bi-monthly Hot Topic's show. I'm here to not only improve Roberts life, the lives of those I touch on caregiving.com and pickyourpain.org but to find a way to improve my own live.

9 thoughts on ““Patient Whiz” App Review

  1. Avatar of CasandraCasandra

    I love this! Especially since I always have a binder and various other docs being lugged around to appointments. I’ve been looking for something like this. Thanks for the review!

  2. Avatar of Roaring MouseRoaring Mouse

    This is a great review. I wonder how it works with people with full and medically complicated disabilities (like rare disorders)? I’d be happy to send a sample doc of what I used that was designed with assistance of paramedics.

    The Roaring Mouse

  3. Avatar of RichardRichard Post author

    Roaringmouse, This app works with what you put into it, it is more or less a database with pre-designed pages which ask questions or gives a tab and you fill in your information from medications current and past, charts, take a photo(s) and enter them, Allergies, enter them in with what the allergy does to you. There are multiple tabs with multiple pages which each have multiple tabs that you fill in. For me it is my “Mom’s Medical Book of Wonders” (MMBW) on steroids. There’s tabs in the app that I had not thought about putting in MMBW’s. Is it perfect, maybe not but would I say their 90% of the way there, Yes, that I would say.

  4. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    Thank you so much, Richard, for these reviews. I love how you test the apps and technology with us in mind. :) And, I love how quick you are to get these reviews done. Feels like I’ve send you the email and bam! you’re got a great review done.

    Wishing you all a lovely Memorial Day. :)

  5. Avatar of RichardRichard Post author

    Denise, No problem, this one was easy and with it being very similar to my binder it didn’t take that long to review it and determine it was a very well designed app. I look forward to any more reviews you pass over in the future.

    Have a Great Memorial Day

  6. Avatar of EllysGdaughterEllysGdaughter

    Richard, I too bought the app and wondered if I should put in my info or my Grandma’s! I really want to have both, so is there a way to create both? Or what could be the solution to have both?

  7. Avatar of BobinMOBobinMO

    One drawback, it appears that while it’s still in beta form there’s nothing out there for Mac (IPhone, IPad, Apple notebook) users. I know these programers are still jumping through hoops but gee I can’t wait till they’ve got a full version out there for the Apple idiots.


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