Today on Our Fan Page: Tell Us About Your Caregiving Blog

Me and Kristin.
I’m pictured with Kristin, who blogged on about caring for a family friend.

Do you have a personal caregiving blog? Tell us about it today on our Facebook fan page, CaregivingSupport.

To post about your blog, become a fan of our Facebook page by clicking the “Like Button.”Look for my request to share about your blog, then add your comment.

In your comment, tell us about your blog–your focus, how often you update your blog, who you want to reach through your blog and your blog’s URL.

If you blog on, be sure to share about your blog, too. Your blog address will look like this (A quick tip: Look for your name and avatar to the right, then click on your name. Look at the URL, which will be Just replace “member” with “author” and you’ve got your address. If you need help, just let me know.)

Head on over to our fan page and tell us today.

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