What’s Been Your Toughest Caregiving Transition?

change-20272_640Yesterday, on Table Talk on Your Caregiving Journey, @trish joined me for our monthly chat. Trish caught us up on how she’s managing the transition of Robert now living with her and her husband (@kreisler). You can listen to our show via the player below.

The challenge of the transition isn’t about whether the decision to move Robert into their home was the right one–because it was the best one. The transition is about juggling the schedules and needs so needs are met, schedules are kept. Trish had a routine and schedule that included time for herself in the morning and in the evening. She knows her days are better when she keeps that time in her schedule. It’s just a challenge right now to find that time.

Change demands we give it time. And, time, of course, requires patience. Giving change time and patience can be tough because we expect that we can adjust to a change quickly and seamlessly. We can ourselves time and patience, we’ll find we manage the change a little bit easier.

I’d love to know: What’s been your toughest caregiving transition so far? The transition could be an addition of service, a different medication schedule, a move. Please share how you managed the transition in the comments section, below.

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2 Comments on "What’s Been Your Toughest Caregiving Transition?"

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May 13, 2013

Toughest transition accompanied our recent move; which was a major challenge in itself. Our original plan was to continue with Husband’s existing doctors; although they are 30-45 minutes away now. After he ended up in ER of new hospital after only three days, I realized it would be necessary to find new physicians. The reality is, he ends up in the hospital on too many occassions and we needed to be close to home. After extensive reasearch, and one failed attempt, we found a new PCP. Leary at first, after three months and another hospital stint; we find ourselves fortuante and blessed to have found her. THe fear of this transition absolutley terrified me. But in the end, by doing my homework it seems to be working.

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May 16, 2013

Toughest transition for me was The Great Diagnosis Hunt, coupled with The Great Disability Benefits Hunt. This consumed us from 2009 through 2011, especially 2011 for all its specialists and testing. On the one hand, we were sent through false trails, interim diagnostic guesses, and many hoops, only to learn in the end that we could have avoided many of those hoops had we known that our chances for disability benefits were nil from the get-go. On the other hand, nothing is wasted. Each step taught us something, and through hardship we learned to be a better team. I came away from much of it disillusioned, but I also got to know more and to know better — and to be deeply thankful for the people who have been in our corner.