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flower-22656_640It seems like caregiving is unending to me. I read Ketzela’s blog and I can understand depression almost winning. Just because we are caregivers does not mean we don’t need help in our life issues as well (like my internal tape saying, Hey why are you typing this???).

This morning I gave Mom flowers, to which she said. “Thank You, now put them over there.” I guess you had to be there (or not) because it wasn’t so much the “put them over there”, it was I can never seem to do enough which for me almost takes over many days.

Bless your hearts for understanding! :) Il

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    I can relate to this. My mom became really negative over the course of the last year. And now even when something good happens, she still finds the bad in it…and sometimes when I try to point out good things she says I just don’t understand (even though I think I, of all people, do understand). I can see where they become overwhelmed and frustrated with it all though and I try not to blame her. But, it is tough. She has good days where she really seems happy, but those are few and far between.

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    Hi Sue nice to ‘meet’ you. Goodness I felt guilty typing that blog. I don’t know how old your Mom is or her condition? Mine has dementia and really does not remember and has changed dramatically . .
    What you say here hits home for me . . I don’t know if Mom gets overwhelmed or more me because I don’t think I have dementia altough sometimes it seems like I do :) Few and far between yes and that is very very hard. Bless your heart for understanding. IL

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      My mom has cancer – for the fourth time. She has been on chemo for over a year now (on her third different round of it right now). So, she has a bit of chemo brain, but she is also dealing with my dad who is suffering from late stage dementia and it really is what keeps her down. She just has a really hard time controlling her emotions – I think she is suffering from a bit of depression. She takes anxiety medication nightly to sleep, but sometimes I think she needs it during the day too. She was already a worrier before, but now it just seems more like negativity than worrying.

      So, it isn’t just dementia that causes it, but with my dad I can see how that would make it all the worse. My mom has a bad memory from the chemo brain, but she is totally functional otherwise. Just a little pessimistic.

  3. Staying in touch with a loved one suffering from depression and other challenges can be worrisome, not knowing if they are OK or not, while you are working or doing other errands.

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    Sue, thank you for sharing about your parents. I can understand the depression and needing medication. I know I need antianxiety meds and bless your heart for understanding your parents.
    And Bob for me if I call it feels like I’m not taking care of myself is that what you are ‘saying’? xxooxoo


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