shade-tree-on-grassy-hill-posters-mdIn caregiving, you may wonder: When will I have a chance to catch my breath?

In essence, you’re looking for a bit of shade from the beating sun.

Because, in the shade, you won’t sweat. In the shade, you won’t burn. In the shade, you won’t overheat.

Your shade is whatever provides you relief. Maybe your shade is your music or your writing or your grandkids or a close circle of friends. Maybe your shade is your quiet corner of the house or a mystery novel or a walk with your dog.

Your shade also can be your secret spot–the place just for you and just about you. Visit your shade for five minutes on the hectic days and five hours on those days when you can. Because the shade is yours, you can go there whenever you need it and want it.

When the sun feels too hot, find your shade. In the shade, you’ll find what you need to keep going.

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