Webinar Follow-Up: What’s Your Purpose?

LearnYesterday, I led our free monthly webinar, Finding Your Purpose in Your Caregiving Days. (Miss it? No worries–watch the archive here.)

The drudgery of a caregiving day can hide the purpose of your caregiving days. In this webinar, I help you find your purpose that ties you to your bigger picture as well as help you find several purposes to help you cope with your days.

So, I’d love to know: Which of the purposes that I suggested did you pick? Or, did you pick one you thought of during our webinar? Please share in our comments, below.

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I began working with family caregivers in 1990 and launched CareGiving.com in 1996 to help and support them. Through my blog, I share words of comfort and offer coping strategies and tips. I also write opinion pieces about recent research, community programs and media coverage of caregiving issues. I've written several caregiving books, including "The Caregiving Years, Six Stages to a Meaningful Journey," "Take Comfort, Reflections of Hope for Caregivers" and "After Caregiving Ends, A Guide to Beginning Again." You can purchase my books and schedule a coaching call with me in our store.

3 thoughts on “Webinar Follow-Up: What’s Your Purpose?

  1. Profile photo of JaneJane

    What an awesome webinar!!! I did watch it until you started on the Appreciate beauty purpose and my doorbell rang and I had to help Nicole with her schoolwork.

    It made me think… I have always believed that you need a big purpose and you only have one purpose in life. I realized that my purpose 5 years ago is not the same purpose I have today and it probably will be different in 5 years from now. I never thought I could have more than one purpose either.

    My choices or the purposes I related to the most were Catalyst for Change and Managing. I have a very hard time managing the day to day and would like to make things simpler and take out the drama and chaos. I would like to work on that for sure. Now I just need to know how to do this! As far as catalyst of change goes I think I already do that to some extend.

    Thank you so much Denise for this webinar.


  2. Kitty

    I would love to have your list of suggested purposes, Denise! I was not able to take notes during the webinar yesterday… But I have been reflecting on the topic ever since and I love thinking about “purpose” instead of “plan”, “goal”, “objective” etc.! At present, my purpose for the care of my mother is to surround her with love. Of course, we (me and the team of caregivers we are blessed to have) focus on safety, health, and comfort. But after those, and with those, there must be happiness and smiles and songs and hugs and unending expressions of love.

    My purpose for myself is to learn and to enjoy the learning. My learning will help me take better care of her, prepare for my own inevitable aging, and support and assist others who are caregiving too. thank you for a great webinar! And can you send me the list of suggestions???

    • Profile photo of DeniseDenise Post author

      Hi Kitty,

      Here are the suggested purposes:

      1. To Learn
      2. Gather Memories
      3. Catalyst for Change
      4. Plan Your Future
      5. Find Courage
      6. Managing (the through the day)
      7. Appreciate Beauty
      8. Be Kind

      So glad you enjoyed the webinar and found it helpful.


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