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Richard and his mom.
Richard and his mom.

Pew Research Center released a study today that says about 39% of U. S. adults–up from 30% in 2010–care for an adult or child with significant health issues, according to a new Pew Research Center survey.

The research takes a closer look at how you use technology and the Internet to provide care. One statistic, in particular, speaks volumes about who you are as a family caregiver:

“Thirty percent of caregivers who look online for health information say they have been asked to pay for access to some type of health information they wanted to see online, compared with 22% of non-caregivers who are online health seekers. Caregivers are tenacious: 89% of those who hit a pay wall say they tried to find the same information somewhere else; 9% gave up; 1% paid the fee. By comparison, 76% of non-caregivers who hit a paywall tried to find the information somewhere else; 19% gave up; 4% paid the fee.”

You are amazing–you will find what you need and won’t take “No” (or a paywall) for an answer. Family caregivers are incredible advocates for their carees and work diligently to remove any obstacle that gets in their way of ensuring quality care.

The research received press coverage today and we were part of it! @kreisler shared his story in a USA Today article and I’m quoted in a Reuters story.

You can read the complete research report here.

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