Celebration and RAOK Challenge

kindness-mdToday is the fourth anniversary of my daughter’s heart transplant. Four years ago today, she was wheeled away from us with a failing heart that had no hopes of recovery and wheeled back with a working heart and pink lips.

Somewhere else in the world, relatively close by, another family was suffering the loss of their child as we were celebrating ours being saved. It is a difficult thing, this world of transplant. I am so happy that our daughter is a happy, relatively healthy four-year-old, but I am saddened that some other family had to lose their child to make that happen. I like to think that she has her own angel above with its heart in her chest. And I hope that the other family can find some comfort in knowing that they have saved a life even as they were losing one.

I have been trying to figure out what to do each year in honor of this amazing gift we have received. I want Mackenzie to be aware of the gift and how important it is to take care of this gift (take her meds, be healthy, etc.). But, I also want her to be a giving person in honor of this gift we received from someone out there. So, I’ve decided that each year, I will make this a week of Random Acts of Kindness for us. Some will be small. Some may be larger. But, each day, we will do at least one RAOK. And perhaps we can inspire others to do the same. I’ve posted on Facebook and invited others to do their own RAOKs this week in honor of Mackenzie’s donor and donor family.

We may not be able to gift life to someone, but perhaps we can gift something that will make life a little better, even if just for a moment.


4 thoughts on “Celebration and RAOK Challenge

  1. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    Sue!! I think this is an awesome idea! We can do that here for Mackenzie. I’ll create a group so we can keep track. I’m so glad you wrote about this. !!!

  2. Avatar of TrishTrish

    Sue, I love this and joined the group. You are such a caring person to feel so deeply the other family’s loss. I am happy to participate in honor of your daughter’s heart donor. Hugs to you and your daughter!


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