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“Here I Come To Save The Day!”


“He’s so lucky to have someone like you helping him.”  I swear if I hear that line one more time this month I might lose my mind. I know people think that they are giving me a compliment, but it sure doesn’t feel like one. I realize my husband has a disability, but he’s not a moron. It’s our work together that has helped him the most. I am not here to save the day.

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    Chris. I think we have all heard this at one point or another in our caregiving journeys. I have come up with the response, “She does 90% of the work, I just take here to lunch/coffee the other 10%.” With Robert of course the response is a bit more because he standing there with a walker and helmet, but it’s basically the same, “He does most of the work, we’re just there for those times he need a little extra help.” Keep the strength, come up with a comical one liner to zing back and continue on having a most excellent day, “Bill and Ted’s Great Adventure” reference there for you young folks out there.

  2. It IS a compliment – and we should all be so lucky/fortunate to have a “me” to take care of “me”. There are plenty of people who don’t.

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    Also one of my pet peeves, Chris. Did “The Nurse Asked How I Do: It a couple weeks ago. The husbands do the hard stuff, I’m often in awe of mine’s bravery. Could never get through all this without being a team. When I do develop super powers and fix him, then I’ll take compliments.:)

  4. I always considered that a compliment. Our situation was a bit different in that I was a caregiver to my best friend and roommate Michelle, who was like a sister to me. We lived with each other for the last 15 years of her life. She passed away in May of 2011. I was the one lucky enough to have her. I’ve become a staunch disability rights activist and without her, I wouldn’t be who I am today!!!!

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