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Hot Topics: Is it Easier to Make Peace with Yourself or Others?

Radio.svgTonight on Hot Topics on Your Caregiving Journey, Denise asked Richard @kreisler; @Ejourneys and Jane @jbones1961 this question. What an interesting topic. Denise talked about being positive and an article she read here.

Make sure that you listen to the show and as always leave your comments about what you think about this question below.

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About Jane

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My name is Jane and I care for my 19 year old daughter, Nicole, who has several congenital heart defects, Eisenmenger's syndrome and pulmonary hypertension which is a rare, life-threatening, incurable and progressive lung disease that causes blood pressure within the pulmonary arteries to become higher than normal. She also has several other health issues that are not as severe.I have two blogs one is "A Day in the Life" which chronicles Nicole's diagnosis and our everyday life. My other blog is "Let's Get Organized" which chronicles my struggle to get the clutter out of my house and get organized.

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