In Six Words, How Do You Define a Saint?



So, today, we’ve have two more saints–John Paul II and John XXIII. As with all appointments, the Catholic Church follows a process of choosing saints, including that the individual performed one miracle. (You can read more about the process, called canonization, here.)

Because you are regularly called a saint (“You must be a saint to…”), I thought it would be great to hear how you define a saint. And, because I’m hooked on six-word stories, let’s do it in six words.

So, your definition of a saint could be:

–Performs the miracle of Holding-the-Tongue. (Remember, hyphens are your wild card to make several words into one word.)

–Demands help from health care system.

Please share your six-word definitions of a saint in our comments, section below. I look forward to reading your definitions!

6 thoughts on “In Six Words, How Do You Define a Saint?

  1. Avatar of BobBob

    The one I have heard that I resonate to I believe came from Mother Theresa of Calcutta. “Saints are not extraordinary people, they do simple things extraordinarily”.

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