supermoon120505(Photo: My shot of the Full Moon at perigee, a.k.a. Super Moon, May 5, 2012.)

On Monday’s all-member chat, Bridget (@brilea5029) mentioned that dementia patients change during a Full Moon — something she had thought was just a tale until her own experiences working on a ward. Some people got violent, others fell into false realities. Some just became lost, who otherwise weren’t.

I had talked about my partner’s delusions earlier in the chat, especially her “undercover nurse cop” from her most recent stint in the ER. My entry “Not My Best Week” gives details.

After Bridget’s statement I popped over to Moon Connection and called up its Moon phase calendar from June 2013. This is what I got:


I’ve outlined in yellow the dates covered in “Not My Best Week.” Saturday, June 22, marks the start of my partner’s panic. The dates outlined in red indicate her ER visit. (During that visit, police had been called in to subdue an unruly patient, which had fueled my partner’s “undercover nurse cop” theory.)

As I wrote in the chat, “Wow.”

(The June 2013 Full Moon was also a Super Moon. According to EarthSky, it had been the Moon’s closest encounter with Earth for all of this year.)

Partner and I have a checklist for when things get wiggy: Has she had enough food? Enough water? Enough sleep? Is the temperature okay? How about the humidity? Is the A/C blowing on her? And so on.

I’m going to add a new item: What’s the Moon phase?

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Jul 18, 2013

I’ve been a firm believer in the effects of the moon phases for quite awhile. Years ago my husband and his father got involved in a tavern; there was a lot of interaction with the general population. We noticed not only a significant change in behavior at the full moon, but also a slighter effect with a new moon. Since than I’ve been aware of this phenomenon I have been able to call a full or new moon when staff or guests where I worked were more agitated or agitating than usual! So try checking new moon also. It is very interesting that medical professionals have noticed this in some of our most vulnerable people.

Profile photo of Il
Jul 18, 2013

Wow EJ I also believe in full moon phases. Huh, wonder if we should post a topic of schedule your retreat modes??? Of course ( to me ) the gravitational pull of the Moon and Tides have an affect on us . . . and all creatures . . . why would we be any different? Always,