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Of Space and Time

(From the Community Caregiving Journal 3-word prompts Doubt, Remind, Couch.)

I was inspired to do photo-poems by Bob’s (@rainbow) beautiful work. The ones shown here use a relatively new poetic form called the Gogyohka. Invented in 1957 by Japanese poet Enta Kusakabe, the Gogyohka is verse written in five lines. You can read more about the form here.




If you like what you see here, please consider purchasing a copy of the ebook Caregiving In Five Lines. Every penny from sales benefits (Thanks!)

About ejourneys

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Ejourneys cares for her partner, who has MS that acts like traumatic brain injury.  Author of Caregiving in Five Lines (all proceeds from sales benefit and contributor to several CareGifters anthologies, ejourneys is a panelist on Your Caregiving Journey's "Hot Topics" show.  She manages the groups Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Caregivers; MS Caregivers; and Caregivers Create; and is a co-founder of VRide.

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  1. Profile photo of Richard

    WOW, what can I say other than all three are amazing.

  2. Profile photo of Il

    Again . . amazing. (((((((((((hugs)))))))))il

  3. Profile photo of Pegi

    EJ, you never disappoint…absolutely stunning.

  4. Profile photo of Denise

    Hi–I wish I could say one is my favorite. But, they each say something in a way that makes me them all a favorite. Simply beautiful.

  5. Profile photo of Bob

    Gratitude (to EJ)

    I am awestruck.
    I feel the essence.
    Bathing in gratitude…

  6. Profile photo of ejourneys

    Thank you so much, everyone! @rainbow, I am honored by your poem!
    @Denise, thank you so much for these prompts. They really fall into a creative sweet spot for me. :-)

  7. Profile photo of Bob

    I’m honored too, EJ…..


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