Shelter (Photo credit: Iddin)

This community has provided me with a sense of shelter from so much trauma.  You have helped me see that I can handle so much more than I thought.

You have made me laugh when I thought I had no laugh in me.  You have helped me cry when I thought I was unable to cry.  You have thanked me for things that you do.  You have helped me feel worthy.

I can’t believe (yet) that my posts have helped people.  I’ll get there.  You have listened without judgment.  You have provided a support group I didn’t know existed.  I needed that unconditional support.  You have put your thinking caps on when I couldn’t.  You have sent me resources I didn’t have the energy to find.

You don’t judge me when I say I haven’t called yet.  You send hugs.  You send virtual peaches and tell me I’m worth the food.  You chat when you have your own challenges.   I promised I would blog about the positive, so here I am.

Saying “Thank You.”

Always, il


2 thoughts on “Shelter

  1. Avatar of PegiPegi

    Beautiful blog, IL. Share all the sentiments. I was utterly amazed when I found this site too. I’m proud to be part of this community. You have done the same for others, myself included! You are an awesome person, be gentler on yourself. You’re brave and strong when you need to be. Bet you’ve done many things since the caregiving began that you never even knew you had talent for. Here’s to @Denise and the safe haven she has created for us, and to all of this Caregiving family. :)

  2. Avatar of IlIl Post author

    “You are an awesome person, be gentler on yourself. ” Thank you Pegi, I’ve been blogging away, let me know if you want to read something you missed. I’m getting more and more confident in my writing every day. So thank everyone. Pegi, you’ve been a Godsend to me . . and thank you and you’re welcome :)
    And yes! To @Denise!


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