Would You Give so We Can Continue to Give?

pennies_in_jar_smallOn Tuesday, I launched our Give to CareGiving.com appeal. Thank you so much to those who have already given.

I believe what we do here is very special. Here, it’s all about you and what you need.

You need a place to vent, to connect, to find the energy to make your step, to find the courage to make a tough decision. You can do that here.

You also need a place to be, to create, to laugh, to cry. You can do that here.

CareGiving.com operates on a shoe-string budget, out of my bedroom in my parents’ home. Members of the site, like @G-J, @Trish, Jane (@jbones1961), @ejourneys, Richard (@kreisler), and Chris (@thpurplejacket), volunteer to help me.

We can do much from what you can give.

When you give to CareGiving.com, you continue to receive:

Your support allows me to create our special programs, like our Caregiving Happines Project, Caregiving Community Journal and Community Caregiving VRide.

Members often write to tell me how much the site means to them:

  • “You make going through the storm much better.”
  • “I can’t begin to tell you how much you and CareGiving.com have helped me.”
  • “When I saw the page I instantly cried. I need this.”
  • “Denise Brown and CareGiving.com have changed my life. The support and encouragement I have received from Denise and the other members of the group has helped me cope with my role as a caregiver.”
  • “CareGiving.com has made a tremendous difference in my life.”
  • “This is site full of compassion, tears, laughter, understanding, encouraging words, fun activities and, for me, a place to be who I am.”
  • “Thank you, especially for the article last evening on ‘Trusted.’ When I read it, I made an auditory sigh. My husband (caree) wanted to know if something was wrong. But, no, I explained to him I read an uplifting piece on the caregiving site.”

You can support with a monetary gift via the Donate button below. You can support by purchasing our books, eBooks, and MP3s. With your support, CareGiving.com continues.

(Please note: Donations to CareGiving.com are not tax deductible.)

With much gratitude, I’ve recorded a video to thank you for your support.

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2 Comments on "Would You Give so We Can Continue to Give?"

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Jul 12, 2013

I have to chime in here to say @kreisler & I have donated to caregiving.com and have purchased many of Denise’s books. We’re happy to do so and to support this site. There are other caregiving sites but none where I’ve been so welcomed and supported. The friendships I’ve developed here are “real” – we may not have met in person (yet – although I have been fortunate to meet one or two) but I consider each of those relationships as real as if they (you) lived next door.

I wholeheartedly support Caregiving.com and think our “donation” money and volunteer hours are best directed toward this site. Even a little bit helps!

Love to you, Denise! Thank you for what you do. <3