Birthday Celebration: Today, Invite Others to Join Us

17BirthdayEvery day this week, we’re celebrating’s 17th birthday with activities and prizes, including a grand prize of $300.

Today, for a chance to win one of our daily prizes and one of our grand prizes, invite others to join in our birthday celebration. Some ways to spread the word:

1. Share our birthday quote box (like the one in this post) from our Facebook fan page to your Facebook page.

2. Tweet about our celebration on Twitter; your tweet could look like this: I’m celebrating CareGiving dot com’s 17th birthday. Join me for a chance to win a grand prize of $300:

3. You can email this post to your support group members. To email this post, just look below in our “Share This” feature.

4. You can share our birthday quote box on Pinterest. Again, use our “Share This” feature, below.

5. You can share this post on your LinkedIn page or in a LinkedIn group.

6. You can simply share this post on any other social networking sites via the “Share This” feature, below.

After you let others know about our celebration, come back here and tell us what you did in our comments section. When you post a comment here, you’ll be entered into a chance to win one of our daily prizes and one of our grand prizes. To win a daily prize and/or a grand prize, you must be a family caregiver, a member of and participate in one of our daily disrupt activities. Not a member of It’s easy and free to join; just go here.

Have fun!

Learn about our week-long birthday celebration, including our eligibility requirements to win the daily and grand prizes, here.

Be sure to share what caregiving is like for you in our annual family caregiver survey. Take our survey here. Please ask other family caregivers you know to complete the survey, too. (Thank you!!)

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19 Comments on "Birthday Celebration: Today, Invite Others to Join Us"

Profile photo of Bridget
Aug 4, 2013

I shared with with my AZ Autism Moms group :)

Profile photo of ejourneys
Aug 4, 2013

Shared (with gratitude!) on Facebook and Twitter. :-)

Profile photo of Chris
Aug 4, 2013

Today I shared 17th birthday celebration with tweets on Twitter; posts on LinkedIn, Googe+ and Tumblr as well as a Pin to my Pinterest Page. I shared the post on my Facebook page and on my fan page; There is also a birthday post on ‘The Purple Jacket’, too! I just love birthdays, especially when they are not my own!

Profile photo of Tami
Aug 4, 2013

You were so very busy! I agree I love birthdays when they are not mine. I am still 29 :)

Profile photo of Casandra
Aug 4, 2013

Twitter, FB, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Tumblr, and emailed a couple people who I know could really use this site. Hopefully, this helps! Happy Birthday! :)

Profile photo of tiredamy2007
Aug 4, 2013

I pinned this on my Pinterest board. I also tweeted it.