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Déjà Vu

The beautiful jaguarEarlier this week, you might have read my blog, “The Juggling Caregiver” about my husband, Steve being sick last Friday night. Well, we’re having a repeat performance tonight.

Steve met a friend for lunch today and our son and I went out on a few errands and enjoyed lunch out together. Steve told us about his lunch, we discussed a few things and he went to work drawing out plans for a project to add a wall and put a new doorway in our bathroom so no one faints and is trapped in the area by the toilet and shower. After a period of time, I heard Steve go upstairs. I looked in on him and he was laying down taking a nap.

A couple of hours later, he got up and came downstairs to continue working on his project. I was reading a book in another room when my son walked up and whispered, “Dad’s asleep again.” I looked over and sure enough, he was. I thought that was odd.

Steve went into the kitchen and poured a glass of ginger tea. I asked if everything was alright, and Steve said his stomach was bothering him. This is similar to what happened  last Friday evening. He drank the tea and went back upstairs to lie down. I checked on him, yes, to make sure he was still breathing, and he said it must have been the pastrami sandwich he had at lunch. Maybe.

Steve did put on a new patch, at the higher dose last Saturday morning, and has been wearing them daily since, with no adverse side effects. I’m not sure what’s going on this time, nor do I know what caused the problem last week. I’m hoping the rest of the night will  not be a repeat performance.

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I am a caregiver for my 59-year-old husband, Steve, who was diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment in December 2009. His employer put him on disability and he had to retire one year later when he couldn't return to work. I am also the mother to our son who is now a high school senior. We have a cat, Sagwa, who rounds out our family. In addition to blogging here, I volunteer at my son's high school in the scholarship office, teach a class I created called, "Keep Your Brain Buff" at our city's Senior Center, lead a writing group at the Alzheimer's Association, and advocate for people with all types of dementia. In November, I will be participating in my third Walk to End Alzheimer's.

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  1. Profile photo of ejourneys

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you can get to the bottom of this and that Steve feels better! I found a page with Exelon patch side effects: and noticed tiredness as one of them. That could be causing the sleeping.

  2. Profile photo of

    hope you two figure out what the cause is. feel better soon!

  3. Profile photo of Trish

    GJ, Hope your weekend is uneventful and you’re able to figure out what is going on with Steve. How disconcerting that must be for all of you! Hugs to all of you.

  4. Profile photo of Pegi

    GJ, so sorry to read about the problems with Steve. It can be so difficult when you’re trying to isolate a cause and effect. Hope you’re able to resolve the issue and have a better weekend.

  5. Profile photo of G-J

    Thank you all for your responses. Steve woke up feeling fine this morning. Whew! And hasn’t had any problems today. Ejourneys, thank you very much for the link. :)

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