How Will You Be Your Best?

Magnificent_sunriseIn yesterday’s webinar, I shared coping strategies to help you be your best during the worst. Today, I’d love to know which coping strategies you’ll use. (Miss yesterday’s webinar, How to Be Your Best During the Worst? No worries–you can watch the archive here.)

In our comments section, below, please tell us how you’ll be your best during the worst.

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Aug 1, 2013

Today I “Will” be my best by working on several issues in my world and they include, clearing clutter and I mean by removing items, issues and ingredients from my life. I will also begin to go outside and stick to a walking schedule with the dogs, which flows into my third item which is get help for depression. My two amazing walking buddies will be my “Doggy Depression Dumpers.” Finally I will work on “Creating” in which I am trying to work on an caregiving app (my first app that’s why I say trying) and am creating a sponsorship connection package for Wish me luck and Namaste’