(From the Community Caregiving Journal 3-word prompts Confidence, Blow, Draw.)

Quick update before photo-poems: our neurology visit on Monday went well; we see the gastroenterologist this coming Monday. Update to come.




Photos: Bird box beside the Withlacoochie State Trail near Holder, FL; a building in Tampa, FL; one of my Sharpie doodles.

I was inspired to do photo-poems by Bob’s (@rainbow) beautiful work. The ones shown here use a relatively new poetic form called the Gogyohka. Invented in 1957 by Japanese poet Enta Kusakabe, the Gogyohka is verse written in five lines. You can read more about the form here.

If you like what you see here, please consider purchasing a copy of the ebook Caregiving In Five Lines. Every penny from sales benefits (Thanks!)

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4 Comments on "Improvising"

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Aug 25, 2013

EJ–Your Sharpie doodle is amazing!! As usual, your photo-poems take my breath away. Thank you. :)

Aug 28, 2013

The doodles picture is beautiful, it makes me feel happy when I look at it. I love the colors and the design . Thank you for sharing with us.