Is There a Better Place?

question-mark2I went to visit Dad today and found out he was miserable.

Lately this has been the norm but this time he seemed even more aggravated.

So I asked why he was so miserable and heard how the CNA at his nursing home let him sleep late this morning and it messed up his whole day. He has made it clear to the staff that he wants to be up at 7:30 am. It seems this morning when the CNA came in to get him up he didn’t want to get up so she let him sleep and got him up close to 9. She said she tried to wake him and he was out cold.

He was frustrated and she was apologetic.

Dad feels that they were short on staff and that this was all an excuse.

Then he said to me: Is there a better place? A place that keeps all their promises and are never short on staff.

I told him he was in one of the best facilities according to the state.

And he sighed and said that’s a sad statement.

And it is.


One thought on “Is There a Better Place?

  1. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    Hi Ketzela–Such a helpless feeling for both of you.

    Would it helped if you shared your concerns with the charge nurse or Director of Nursing?


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