Please Let My Husband Have the Flu!

candles-102757_640After weeks of recuperating having spent every other week in the hospital the month of July, my husband started feeling better. More like his old self.

He had some buddies come over and help him work on some things that are still in progress with the house since our move. He’s been getting PT and making good progress: up from the wheelchair with the walker and, omg, at least eight steps with said walker using about 60% leg weight. The therapist is wonderful. He’s so energetic and supportive; hubby enjoys his company through the pain. Finally Hubby felt like an outing. Our idea of trip out to most is not very exciting but we like them. Things we used to take for granted are now a treat.

We made plans, simple plans. First off to the barbershop for a much needed haircut then to a restaurant we recently discovered for a late lunch. We had not had an excursion since June. Wednesday, that’s when we’ll go. Tuesday night, I was so excited it was reminiscent of my teen years. What should I wear?  Maybe I’ll dress up just a little, even put on a little makeup. It’s been so long, this will be so good for us.  I did not even fear my nemesis, the wheelchair; nothing would spoil our afternoon.

Wednesday morning came and Hubby was not looking nor feeling well. My husband started experiencing three of the four symptoms that would mean his bowel obstruction has reoccurred. As I mentioned in a July blog, “Good News, Bad News or the Elephant Stomped on Him”, he is at extremely high risk for surgery. The first major surgery he had in 1999 was an aorta replacement; this involved replacing all or part of his aorta with a type of mesh. In 2007 he had his coronary bypass surgery. He now has an umbilical hernia; this got entwined with the scar tissue and mesh from the two previous surgeries. Had he been a “normal” person, they would have fixed it surgically in July, as it is the second occurrence, the first in 2008.

So we wait. I pray. He’s miserable and anxious. I have not had a good night’s sleep for days, which is the least of my worries. I have to be vigilant. If the abdominal cramping starts we have to head out immediately. He’s trying to eat light, his stomach gets upset. He’s run a slight fever off and on. His gastro intestinal system is out of whack.

All in all he’s been miserable. This past six months have been the most difficult to date. He was hospitalized four times, a new record. The mere thought of another trip to the hospital makes him as close to despondent as I’ve ever seen him. He is normally one of the most positive, laid back, take it all in stride guys you’d ever meet. With each and every new disease that came, he just pretty much shrugged his shoulders, did what the doctor said, and carried on with his/our life. His bravery and attitude is admirable. I never would have been brave enough to contend with all he has, let alone stay so upbeat.

So we wait.

Please let it be the flu!

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5 Comments on "Please Let My Husband Have the Flu!"

Profile photo of Richard
Aug 31, 2013

Pegi, Here’s wishing its only the flu. I never thought I would hear myself wish someone the flu, but there it is. Oh man, I’ll tell you for us guys if we’re in need of a haircut and it’s delayed for what ever reason that can be so frustrating and when we do finally get that mop of a head trimmed and if we have a beard, goatee or other manscaped, well we feel like a whole new person. Only one word, Flow-Bee. Now that’s one word not even for my worst enemy. Good luck and here’s hoping your outing lunch and all comes real soon.

Richard / : ^{ ) >

Profile photo of Kathy
Aug 31, 2013

Oh Pegi,

I also hope it is the flu or just a temp bug gone soon and your husband can get back to his noormal, or close to it.

I can relate to the excitement of an outing. We have some of the same issues about getting out and also like you, what we consider a treat is ordinarily boring, like a haircut.
Updating my prayer list for you both.

Profile photo of Trish
Sep 1, 2013

Oh, Pegi! I’m hoping it’s the flu too. Please keep us posted – you must be absolutely exhausted by now. I was really hoping for that outing for you two! I’m hoping it is in the near future. Take care!

Profile photo of ejourneys
Sep 1, 2013

Pegi, I’m praying for flu, and that you both can have that outing soon. I’m also praying for rest and rejuvenation for you both. (((Hugs)))