Somewhere I Have an Angel

My husband always says “good things happen to good people”. It seems a very long while since I experienced this. This past year, and especially these last few months have been very difficult. They also say the Lord works in mysterious ways. The last few days have been difficult. My husband has been miserable, and we fear it could be a reoccurrence of his last crisis. When he’s not feeling well is the only time he gets short with me or yells at me for seemingly unapparent reasons. It makes an already dismal day even more trying. It’s hard to remember it’s the disease….it is hard not to feel hurt.

I got up this morning, after very little sleep. Sleep is something that’s been eluding me. Gingerly walking around the house so as not to wake my husband, I prayed, had coffee and proceeded to start my day.

Just when I needed it the most, someone let me know they care about me, they care about my well being. Someone thinks I’m valuable,prayer-of-angel worthwhile. I have no idea who or where this person is. They let me know in a most unusual way. A simple gesture of human kindness that may have seemed quite ordinary to my angel was quite extraordinary to me.My eyes filled with tears of joy, and I let those tears of gratitude flow freely. I have never been so overwhelmed by a gift, a gesture in my life.

The day took on a new hope, a new glow. I stood taller, I smiled more. I had more patience. Nothing had changed health wise with my husband since yesterday. I’m still on high alert. But now I don’t stand alone. I don’t wait alone. It gives me comfort to know I have an angel.

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4 Comments on "Somewhere I Have an Angel"

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Aug 31, 2013

We can never have too many friends, supporters, prayer warriors, well wishers, finger crossers and angels :)

Profile photo of ejourneys
Sep 1, 2013

What @kathy said! Thank goodness for angels and for loving energies. I continue to keep my fingers crossed over here.

Profile photo of Teresatalk
Sep 2, 2013

Just when we need it, God appears. Glad you felt His presence. His agents (angels AND humans) are everywhere. Isn’t it great to get a sense that someone is caring for us caregivers as well?