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Air -vs- Asphalt Temperatures

20130901-202942.jpgWhen my owners talk about pain they usually are relating it to people, but what about us animals? The following information was posted by a large animal advocacy group on Facebook recently. I knew asphalt warmed up in the sun but I didn’t know it came anywhere near this.

Air Asphalt
77* 125*
86* 135*
87* 143*

* Use back of hand to test
* At 125* skin burns in 15 seconds
* An egg fries in 5 minutes at 135*

If you think this is a joke the next time you’re walking your dog on asphalt in the heat of the day, take your shoes off and walk next to them. We’ll see how long it takes you to put your shoes back on and if you do, get your pet to cooler ground. They’ll thank you for it.

– From‘s Pets

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