How Was Your Day?

pink_sunsetHow did you do today? What did you resolve? What are you glad to leave behind you? What will you take with you to tomorrow?

Tell us about your day in our comments section, below.

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2 Comments on "How Was Your Day?"

Profile photo of Kathy
Sep 10, 2013

Decided to do some room rearranging to put up a shelf for better organization for caregiving supplies. The job required vacuuming but carpet cleaning was most necessary so I pulled out the carpet cleaner. ummm FYI – Follow the directions EXACTLY when attempting to make home made carpet cleaner. that was a lot of bubbles to try and clean up!

Profile photo of Pegi
Sep 11, 2013

Call from doctor’s office, hubby has UTI infection, AGAIN! On the positive side, ran errands and took care of all the outstanding business calls I had to make.
Hubby helped me straighten up the house (his mess); much positive reinforcement in hopes that it happens again. Glad to leave phone calls and mess behind.