How Was Your Day?

sunflower-mdHow did you do today?

What went well? What was difficult? What will you release tonight so you can start fresh tomorrow?

Please share in our comments section, below.

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    Today was follow up Doc visits for both Hubby and I. Good news, all my tests, including EKG came back fine. Palpitations result of anxiety (don’t know where that comes from). Doc ran barrage of tests on husband to verify that the Flu we were hoping for is what he had/has. He’s still not back to self, but much better than he was. Hoping not to hear for Doc until his next scheduled visit. Was quite happy about the lecture she gave him for not letting me call her:). Will release the stress of worrying about a blockage in hubby, and quit exhausting my brain and making my heart race!

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      I’m so glad to hear Hubby only had the flu. Whew.. one thing to quit worrying about. I can relate to the heart palpitations, it seems there are days when the brain seems to take over the body and ups the old “stress-o-meter”!

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        @Kathy, sorry to say I’ve suffered from generalized anxiety for years, ever since I was in a bad car accident. Palpitations is one of the symptoms. I don’t always take my meds as prescribed (whoops). So when hubby is in crisis it gets worse. Doc seems to think if I take meds as I’m suppose to that all will be well. What a concept!


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