(From the Community Caregiving Journal 3-word prompts Follow, Mountain, Rule.)




Photos: Gopher tortoise in our neighborhood; Cloudless Sulphur butterfly in Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, FL; building in downtown Tampa, FL, whose windows reflect a second building and a construction crane.

I was inspired to do photo-poems by Bob’s (@rainbow) beautiful work. The ones shown here use a relatively new poetic form called the Gogyohka. Invented in 1957 by Japanese poet Enta Kusakabe, the Gogyohka is verse written in five lines. You can read more about the form here.

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6 Comments on "Pilgrimage"

Profile photo of Thedogmama
Sep 12, 2013

So beautiful ej. I look forward to this every week.

Profile photo of Pegi
Sep 12, 2013

Ahhh, now my week is complete! Love them all. The third picture is especially stunning. The poetry is haunting.

Profile photo of EllysGdaughter
Sep 12, 2013

Lovely poems and beautiful pictures! I always look forward to these from you! ((((HUGS))))

Profile photo of Bob
Sep 18, 2013

Very moving and grist for reflection……..thanks EJ!!!!