In November, Share Your 10 Best Caregiving Tips

10Tips_NovemberOn, we’re sharing (at least) 10 tips each day for family caregivers during the month of November, which is National Family Caregivers Month.

I’d love for you to share tips to help family caregivers in situations similar to yours. For instance, you could contribute a blog post that shares tips for those caring for a spouse with dementia. Or, you could write a blog post that features 10 tips to help a family caregiver caring for a parent while raising kids. Or, you could share a blog that includes 10 tips for the family caregiver at the end of a caree’s life.

Your tips can include which products or services you consider must-haves, your best coping strategy, your most effective communication techniques, your best 10-minute breaks. Be specific as you think about what works for you during a caregiving day. As you develop your tips, include a tip about how you take care of yourself. A common tip is “take care of yourself”–I’d love if you included a tip that shows how you do that.

Please feel to send me an email ( if you’d like to contribute; be sure to include details about your article.

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1 Comment on "In November, Share Your 10 Best Caregiving Tips"

Deborah Green
May 21, 2015

My parents at moving in with my husband and I soon. I need to prepare. I look forward to immersing myself in whatever educational material you have to offer.