We Break for Fall: How Do You Save Time?

791-pocket-watch-vintageWe break for fall starts today! Our week of special events hopes to help you find a new perspective or a better way. Every day for the next week, we’ll pose a question on CareGiving.com. We’ll choose a daily winner from those who post an answer; today’s winner will receive a $20 Starbucks gift card donated by @kreisr1 and his website, PickYourPain.org. For a chance to win, just post your answer each day in our comments section.

Today, our question is: How do you save time?

We gained an hour last night. Which makes me wonder: How do you save time? What tips do you have for other family caregivers to help them save time? You may have a time-saving technique you use during personal care. Or, perhaps you have a way to shop for groceries that takes merely minutes. Or, maybe, you know you know how to prioritize your day so that you feel like you gain time, rather than losing.

Share your time-saving tips in our comments section, below, for a chance to win a $20 Starbucks gift card.

I look forward to reading your comments!

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4 thoughts on “We Break for Fall: How Do You Save Time?

  1. Avatar of RichardRichard

    I save time by pre-setting the coffee pot(s) with auto timers as well as pre-package Roberts lunch (except perishables) the night before. This way all I have to do in the morning is foam milk for Trish’s Mocha and make Roberts sandwich. Big time saver.

  2. Avatar of tiredamy2007tiredamy2007

    I save time by doing as much stuff the night before so when we have a appointment in morning then we dont have to rush around. I like to make sure the medical bag is packed and the snacks are filled. I like to make sure that they both have a change of clothes in the car at all times. these are so ways i save time. i wish had some right now. I hate sitting in hospitals.

  3. Avatar of TrishTrish

    I save time by doing several tasks at once (or at least as efficiently as possible). I start the laundry and then while the laundry is going, will clean the house (stopping to change the loads, to keep the washer/dryer working while I work). I also do not waste steps. If I am taking the wedges for Robert’s bed out to the garage, I bring in any supplies from there that are needed. After I get Robert started on cleaning himself up in the morning, I keep an ear/eye on him while stripping the bed. I go in to help him and then come back out to finish the bed. Everything is done with the goal of efficiency and making things easier for everyone.


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