We Break for Fall: How Will You Play Today?

TrippadorableIt’s Saturday and we end We Break for Fall! with a playful request: How will you play today?

Play a game, play your favorite music, play hookey from housework, play a great movie. Whatever you play, make sure it adds to your happiness.

Today’s the last chance to win–and today’s gift is an autographed copy of My Foreign Cities by Elizabeth Scarboro. In her book, Elizabeth shares the story of caring for her husband.

2 thoughts on “We Break for Fall: How Will You Play Today?

  1. Avatar of ThedogmamaThedogmama

    I’m playing hookey right now. Hubby has gone to help put in a deep sink at our son’s house, I have been to the new rehab to visit Mom and just finished lunch. Laundry, vacuuming, and bills all await. Instead I have music on, my feet up and after I finish tooling around on CareGiving.com I am going pick up the paperback I am reading and enjoy doing nothing.

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