We Didn’t Make It To Tuesday… We Made It To The ER Instead

hospital.svg.medSunday Hubby and I went to rehab to visit Mom for her birthday and try to bring her a little cheer. At her request I had made a lemon cake with buttercream frosting (her favorite). We brought all the cards that came to the house for her and also brought her flowers and a small planting of Paperwhites for her to enjoy while they grow.

She was so pleased to see us and enjoyed the fuss. The staff came in and sang “Happy Birthday” and shared the cake. As you can imagine, rehab was a wasteland with as many people as possible discharged before Thanksgiving. While we were there vitals were taken and the machine registered a pretty low BP which they took manually to check. Still low, 90/45 and the nurse asked if she normally experienced an irregular heartbeat. Which she does not. But she wasn’t in any distress so all seemed okay, they would recheck in an hour or so.

She called around 6:30 to say she was hitting the sack. Pretty early for my mom, the former night owl, but she has been through a lot lately so it really didn’t surprise me. At 7:30 the phone rang. Mom was letting me know they were calling the EMT’s to take her to the hospital where her surgery was performed three weeks ago. I asked why not our local hospital and they told me to call the desk, which I did. Fortunately the response was just that they usually send people back where they came from, but they had no problem sending her to our local hospital so her primary care doctor would be able to see her. Thank Goodness!

She was in Atrial Fibrillation when she arrived with a heartbeat of over 175 and a blood pressure as low as 60/40. Boy, those are scary numbers to look at sitting by the bedside. But she was awake, alert and talking to the ER doc, so they got to work hydrating her and carefully giving her medicine to start to drop her heart rate (hopefully without dropping the blood pressure at the same time – not an easy balancing act). Three hours later she was well on her way to being stable and to a bed in the hospital.

For a week now I have been struggling with wondering if Mom could withstand the weekly trips to the hospital where her surgery was done. Now, thankfully, she is back under the care of our doctor who put out a consult with the local orthopedic surgeon who operated on her last year. I hope between the two of them we can find an easier solution for her care and comfort in the coming weeks and months. She is on bed rest right now and has a catheter. Even though I am not a fan of catheters, when they went to use one just to grab a urine specimen in the ER I suggested that with her fracturing pelvis, and the non-weight bearing order for her left leg, maybe it might be a good idea to leave it in to eliminate a lot of bed pan/commode type movement.

Thanksgiving week isn’t the best week to be in the hospital. Mom reported this morning that some doctors were on vacation. I expect that means our orthopedic doc, but films are ordered for today and we will just have to wait to see what happens next. For now she is as safe as she can be.

Hopefully she will be home for Christmas. That would be nice.

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Hi, I am a retired only child who, after several years taking care of my parents in another state long distance am now the caregiver to my 94 year old mother. Mom lives with us now and has two of our upstairs bedrooms as her "little apartment". She has extensive osteoarthritis, COPD, CHF and pulmonary hypertension. In the three years she has been living with me she has endured more pain than anyone should have to handle. Because of the arthritis she has had the head of her humerus in her right arm removed to alleviate pain and internal bleeding. It was not reconstructed. This year she fractured her pelvis and the head of the femur fractured off her left leg. The repair of the femur was successful, but her pelvis is deteriorating and cannot support her weight. She is now confined to a wheelchair and her bed. I live in Massachusetts with my Hubby and Mom's cat Molly and our African Grey Parrot Penelope. We have two adult children who adore their grandmother and live about an hour away.

6 thoughts on “We Didn’t Make It To Tuesday… We Made It To The ER Instead

  1. Avatar of DeniseDenise

    TDM, you are an awesome advocate for your mom. I love how you got her to the right hospital and decided a catheter would be a good solution in this situation.

    I’m hoping all of you are having a better day today.

  2. Avatar of PegiPegi

    TDM, so happy to hear that you got your Mom where you and she are comfortable and that they were able to stabalize her. You all remain in my prayers.

  3. Avatar of ejourneysejourneys

    Am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as well. Good calls on the hospital and the catheter, given the alternatives. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the coming weeks.

  4. Cathy Mitchell

    Wow. To go from such a wonderful celebration to the hospital. Glad you feel good about the hospital. I hope your wish comes true for Christmas.

  5. Avatar of ThedogmamaThedogmama Post author

    Thank you everyone. We powwowed with our PCP this morning. Ortho has confirmed that her bones are just a mess. The femoral head is indeed pushing its way through her pelvis and any type of surgical intervention is just not a good plan. She would probably not make it through that type of surgery let alone the myriad of complications that could occur following it. So reality is settling in at our household. No weight bearing on that leg. She has arrived back at the rehab facility and we will commence with learning what there is to learn so I can supervise caregivers here at the house and get all the medical equipment we need and clear out what we can in her two rooms to accommodate all the changes. The plan is to bring her home. We will go from there.


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